Breast Cancer

It is the most common types of cancer. From estimation, 80% of the women diagnosed with breast cancer, are over fifty years of age. The cases are very rare in younger women. Early diagnosis is very critical for early treatment to avoid the spread to other body parts.

Breasts are mainly made up of connective tissue, fat and numerous tiny glands referred to as lobules. Lobules are responsible for milk production which is delivered through the nipples when a woman breastfeed a baby.Various signs of breast cancer include the occurrence of a lump or thick breast cells and tissues. However, not all breast lumps are cancerous. This calls for a medical checkup once detected.

Symptoms for Breast Cancer

  1. A rash around your nipplegkhkhkjhkhggh
  2. Rushing of the breast’s skin
  3. Less milk discharge from one nipple
  4. Any abnormal occurrence in the nipple such as becoming sunken
  5. Any noticeable change in size and shape of the breasts


Techniques for breast cancer protection


Regular medical checkups

It is advisable to visit your doctor after every six months or at any time you have any doubts. Early diagnosis saves one’s life since it is treatable and manageable in early stages. This also saves on treatment costs. Breast cancer condition should not be postponed; one should visit the doctor often.


By regular exercise

Exercise is regarded as the best friend as far as health is concerned. Activities help in burning more calories which make your body healthy. Sweating associated with exercise also helps in removal of other toxic substances from your body.

Better understanding of your family history

Most cancers are hereditary, and it is, therefore, important to know your family history. You could be at high risk in case a member of your family suffered or is suffering from cancer.


By breastfeeding

You are encouraged to breastfeed. Most mothers stop the process for no good reason. Breastfeeding ensures that your baby is energized and healthy at all times. The physical shape of your breast is also maintained during breastfeeding.


Right the right diet

The food we take plajgiuguggugfyuys a critical role in shaping our bodies. You should avoid sugar, genetically modified foods, charred meat and unfermented soy products. You are encouraged to consume a significant amount of vitamins D and A, iodine as well as naturally fermented food.


Get enough sleep

Good night sleep keeps your body healthy. Your body and mind feel fresh after a continuous sleep of eight hours. Some people fail to give it much credit due to their busy schedule.

Other control measures include weight control, quitting smoking and getting a mammogram. A mammogram gives the most accurate results in detecting breast cancer.