Buying Guide for Safety Glasses

Wearing protective goggles or safety glasses is one of the effective methods of protecting your precious eyesight. This can help you in keeping your eyes safe. It is estimated that more than seven hundred thousand Americas injure their eyes annually at work. Most of these injuries occur at home and during sports. Over ninety percent of these injuries can be prevented by wearing proper protective eyewear.

How do Safety Glasses Work?construction worker-safety glasses

These glasses have non-prescription or prescription lenses. They should meet all the safety eyewear standards. They should meet all the safety and quality standards. Apart from these glasses, there are other eye protection devices that you can use including face shields, goggles, full-face respirators and welding helmets.

Safety Lenses Needed at Work

  • The level of eye protection is determined y the company’s safety officer. He or she will recommend the eye lenses which are most suitable for your duties. The following are some of the occupations that need high impact protection when it comes to eyewear:
  • Laborers
  • Millwrights
  • Machinists
  • Pipefitters and plumbers
  • Carpenters

Some activities require full-face protection, goggles or side shields. It is therefore crucial for the employer to determine the type of safety eyewear that is appropriate for specific job positions.

Safety Glasses for Home Use

Homeowners should use safety lenses and frames that are rated for high impact. This is the best way of providing maximum eye protection. These products can be purchased from local hardware, sporting, and building supply stores. They are made of lightweight materials like polycarbonate for comfort. They come with attractive wrap-style frames. Users are advised to choose models which have high impact rating for improved eye protection.

Individuals who are interested in prescription safety lenses should home safety glassespurchase products from the available optical stores or from eye doctors. Homeowners who use power trimmers and mowing lawns should choose frames that have side shields. This is the best way of protecting themselves from large objects and flying particles.

Main Features of Safety Lenses

Hard Coating-This is the cover that reduces scratches which obstruct vision. It is also helpful for increasing the life of an eyewear.
Anti-Fog-It is designed to prevent the inside of the lens from obstructing vision and fogging up.
Readers-They are helpful for improving vision, especially at close range. They have different types of dioptres that match the wearer’s vision.
Lens Colour-Lenses have different colors which have different properties. These colors are meant for specific applications. Some of the main lens colors include grey, infrared, light grey, amber, blue mirror, and polarized.…