Tips on responsible waste disposal

Most of us have seen trash cans in various places in our town or city. You have probably noticed that there are different colored ones and more than one in each place. Do you know what these various trash bins mean? If not here is a guideline.

Waste categoriesWaste

Waste can be divided into two main categories which are biodegradable and those that are not. Basically what this means is that there is some waste that will decompose after some time and become part of the ground. However, there is some that will last for decades or centuries and can have adverse effects on the environment.

What is biodegradable waste?

Anything that is plant or based like fruits, vegetable, paper, clothes made from natural fabrics are ones that will decompose in the soil rather quickly. These will not pose a threat to the environment as they are natural products.

What is the non-biodegradable waste?

These are plastics, electronic components synthetic materials. These will never decompose and will cause severe damage to the environment. Some of the chemicals found in these products may make the soil not fit and fertile for the growth of plants.

Being responsible

trashIf you can get yourself a few trash carts, then you can separate the waste accordingly. Your local government authority will be happy to come and take the trash if you have divided them into the above categories. If you have a lot of electronic waste. Keep them separate as some of the components can be used to make new products and some of them can be removed and recycled.

Do not dump trash in rivers or streams. They will cause a lot of damage to the marine life and will find their ways to the ocean. A lot of these will also pollute the water, and this will have adverse consequences on the ecosystem.

Trash carts

If you run a business, you may have a lot of waste from time to time. If you want to be a responsible company, you can start small by purchasing a few of these containers that are easy to move about. You can leave them in places where most of the waste is generated and then move them to a location where the local waste management people can collect them. Be responsible and help protect our planet by reducing the amount of waste that finds its way to important facets of the ecosystem.…